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AUDITIONS (All ages from 3 Months - Adult)

Auditions Today scouts for new talent throughout the United States each year.

Audition locations and times are advertised on radio and/or print media. Another way of obtaining an audition is to email us inquiring about auditions in your area. Applicant must be present. Look your best, and please bring a photo of any type.

  • Clothing is casual and comfortable
  • Please bring a few photos with you. Any type is fine. Photos are returned.
  • Ages 7 years and older will be provided an audition script upon arrival. Ample preparation time is provided.
  • Allow 45-90 minutes.
  • Applicants under 18 will not be permitted to audition without being accompanied by a parent or legal guardian only.
  • Extended family and friends are not permitted to enter audition.
  • Be yourself!

Click here to view video clips our clients have appeared in.

Our agent, Jenevieve, was introduced to hot new talent Gregory Jones. This rising star immediately booked a national Boost Mobile commercial co-starring hip hop star, Fat Joe.
            -The Carson Organization, New York, New York
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