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Greg Audino (participant)
Providence, Rhode Island

As a result of the Talent Search in Pittsburgh, I’ve been fortunate enough to prove myself a working actor in several mediums of the entertainment industry; including film, theatre, television, commercial and print.  Some of the companies these projects represent includes AT&T, Discovery Channel, Oxygen Channel and Blumhouse Productions.  (The Purge, Paranormal Activity, Insidious).  While I have worked very hard, nothing would have been possible without the exposure gained at the Model and Talent Search.  What started as a fidgeting, deer-in-the-headlight interview with one of the scouts I met through the search, has evolved into a wonderful partnership that thrives and is built upon both understanding and professionalism. 

As I continue my efforts to elevate my performance and rise in this industry, I will always remember it all began at the Pittsburgh Model & Talent Search.  


Nancy Morales (mother)
Kaelyn Morales (participant)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My name is Nancy Morales. My daughter Kaelyn participated in the Pittsburgh, PA Model & Talent Search. I was very impressed with everything that went on that weekend. As a result of the search Kaelyn was signed with two agents and a callback. She did a professional photo shooting and after that Kaelyn got booked for her very first job at Kohl’s! We are so excited. It is a great experience for both our little girl Kaelyn and ourselves. We thank the Model and Talent Search for inviting us and taking the agents to the convention instead of us knocking on doors. I can’t thank enough the Model and Talent Search. I give you all of the credit for our success!


Lynette Cooper (mother)
MiKayla Cooper (participant)
Rochester, New York

Hi Marilyn & Sam:

I wanted to personally thank you for helping my daughter MiKayla Lynn Cooper break into the Model/Talent business. I was thrilled to have her shoot the commercial yesterday, only 2 months after the November 2012 Model &Talent Search in Pittsburgh, after being selected earlier in 2012 in our home city of Rochester, NY. I couldn’t believe that as we came through the door for the commercial shoot you knew every kid’s name and some facts about them/points of interest to engage them immediately! I was also excited to get her paycheck then and there. MiKayla had a great time at the commercial shoot yesterday in Pennsylvania and is even more excited to have learned she is being considered for a major motion picture!

You two and your staff have been very helpful throughout this process including always returning my “just one more question” phone calls promptly and with detailed information. Please feel free to use this letter as an endorsement for the Model & Talent Search.

Totally Thankful,
Lynnette & MiKayla Cooper


Rhonda Frantz (mother)
Shawna Frantz (participant)
Dubois, Pennsylvania

My name is Rhonda Frantz. My daughter Shawna participated in the search for the first time in July 2005 at the Radisson in Greentree. I must say both Shawna and I were both very impressed with everything that went on that weekend. As a result of the search Shawna was signed with an agent and was in an editorial spread for the New Jersey Bride Magazine. It was shot in Cape May, NJ. She has attended many casting calls for Tommy Hilfiger, J-14 magazine, an event sponsered by Cosmo Girl, and thats just to name a few. We owe these opportunities that Shawna has had to the wonderful people at Auditions Today. Shawna and I can't thank you enough.

Rhonda Frantz
Dubois, Pennsylvania

Click on the thumbnail below to view a photo Shawna appeared in for the New Jersey Bride Magazine.


Donna Brooks (mother)
Alexandrea Hairston (participant)
St. Paul, North Carolina

After participating in the search Alex secured two agents that have provided her numerous opportunities. She has done commercials for Target, Rooms to Go Kids, and NASCAR. She has appeared in the South Carolina Recycling Program "Earth Today", Delmarva Poultry industries "Thinking Chicken", the Barney video "The Land of Make Believe", the movie "Ghost Club", and she is now on the cover of the book "Laylie's Daring Quest".

Alex has participated in other searches and we have found yours to be the most professional. I have recommended friends to you and would recommend Auditions Today to any parent that is interested in getting their child started in the acting and modeling industry.


Carolyn Morelli (mother)
Andrew Morelli (participant)
Erie, Pennsylvania

Participating in the search was the best thing that we could have done for our son Andrew. Three years ago Andrew heard a commercial in our area for the audition. He asked if we could take him to the open call and we agreed. After Andrew was seen at the Model Search he immediately started getting local jobs in our area. These jobs led to a commercial in Los Angeles which Andrew was asked to do. He got five call backs and booked three jobs.

The first job that Andrew booked was a commercial for the Virginia Tobacco Settlement which can be viewed online at under the TV/Radio section and specifically the commercial entitled "Stalactite." Andrew is the boy in the white shirt with black sleeves on the right in the commercial.

Participating in the search is directly responsible for Andrew's success. If he had not participated in the search we would never have thought to even try and do this ourselves and we would never have met all the wonderful people who have treated us so well from the very beginning. All of our experiences with the Auditions Today have been wonderful and memorable and we cannot thank them enough for all of their assistance.


Joanne Lynch (mother)
Tayler Lynch (participant)
Louisville, Kentucky

My name is Joanne and my child's name is Tayler and we are from Louisville, Kentucky. There are not many opportunities in Louisville .The exposure my son has received at the searches have been extremely beneficial to his career.

Auditions Today is about exposure. It is an opportunity were children can be seen by some of the most influential people in the business. You don't get an opportunity like this even if you live in Los Angeles or New York.

The search is about exposure and those people that are evaluating your children are real people in this industry. At this search we had three agents show interest we eventually signed with one of them. He also received a couple of commercial opportunities.

One of those opportunities sent us to Los Angeles, all expenses paid, we also met a manager that was interested in managing my child in California and we signed with him. Tayler also met with two agents and have signed with one of them. I am positive my child would not be where he is today without the search.

Taylor has done a national commercial for AT & T and Kid Cuisine. He's also appeared on the new hit series, "Everybody Hates Chris."


Michelle Jones (mother)
Greg Jones (participant)
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Thank you very much for allowing us to attend the search. Two days after we were there, we got a call from Jenevieve Brewer from About Face Models to audition for a Boost Mobile commercial.

My son auditioned to portray a teenage version of a well known rapper named Fat Joe and got the part! It is a national commercial. He has received other calls since that first one, as well!

If it wasn't for the search, we never would have had this opportunity. This could be what gets his career off the ground and we have you to thank for it.


Jane Art (mother)
Brandon Art (participant)
Orange County, California

As a result of attending the search in Los Angles our son was offered representation by one of the largest youth talent agents in our area. He has appeared on the soap opera "General Hospital" over several days as a co-star role. He has also been in a "Hardee's" commercial and a T-shirt & Graphics commercial, both in the mid-west market. He has auditioned for the movies "Skipping Christmas", "Guess Who" and "Zathura" and the TV series "CSI" and "Judging Amy".

Agents attend the search looking for new talent regardless of where they live. I know that we would not have had the result we did if it were not for the search. I felt they were very upfront with the opportunity we were offered and they have continued to search out opportunities for our son over the past year and a half.

Thank you again Auditions Today for being the vehicle for our adventure! Where ever it takes us it has been well worth the effort!


Richard Taylor (father)
Jake Taylor (participant)
Tucson, Arizona

Just a short note to thank you for inviting my son, Jake Taylor to your search. He was very excited and we both found it quite enjoyable. The number of talent agents and other Industry people from numerous markets were quite impressive. We were pleased to see representation from Arizona since we live in Tucson.

Jake was able to obtain representation in Los Angeles as well as In Arizona. Both agents have been very aggressive in pursuing work. We were most proud of his three page layout (center, I might add) in Tucson Guide Magazine. The commercial he did for the Fox Theatre was also a great opportunity.

Thanks again, for none of this would have been possible without your search. Please extend our appreciation to your staff who were most accommodating at the search.

Richard Taylor

Click on the thumbnails below to view photos Jake appeared in for the Tucson Guide.


Glenda and Terell Burnett (parents)
TJ Burnett (participant)

Since attending the search our son, T.J. has signed with a major LA agency. Since signing with them he has done a national commercial for Exxon Mobil. He also has done a regional commercial for Round Table Pizza and appeared in the movie, "The Kingdom," opposite of Jamie Foxx. As parents we are pleased to have made the decision to participate in the search. Thank you for everything.


Mandy Scott (grandmother)
Ali and Morgan (participants)

My name is Mandy Scott and my daughters Morgan and Alexandria (Ali) have been participating in the search at a level of success that has not been previously possible.

Both girls started modeling when they were very young (3 and 4 years old). They acquired the skills needed for the modeling industry, and were given opportunities for work. When Ali was 3 years old we heard a commercial on the radio for auditions and took her to see if she might have a chance to participate. She was selected but we did not follow up on the chance and later regretted it.

When the search came to our location again, we took Ali for a second time. She was again selected, but this time we were able to participate in the search in Los Angeles and later, Morgan was also able to participate. Since then both girls have had opportunities to work, ranging from print ads to commercials. These jobs have been great experiences for both girls and will not only add to their marketability as children who are serious about this line of work but it will also add to their savings accounts. It has been well worth their time to sometimes travel to complete jobs.

Both Morgan and Ali have loved every minute of working with Auditions Today and the successes they've obtained would not have been possible without them.


Linda Emmi (mother)
Jacky and Annie (participants)
Buffalo, New York

My experience with Auditions Today started out wonderfully and only got better! My son Jacky was selected through an Open Casting Call in Buffalo, NY. At that time the opportunity to participate in the Pittsburgh search was extended. While at the search my daughter, Annie, was in the audience. Although she didn't participate one of the agents scouting noticed her and expressed interest.

Recently Jacky was selected for a commercial. He was well compensated plus our expenses were covered.

We understood the concept that was well explained at the parent's informational meeting. Everything was clearly explained to us, including how we could do this on our own. The merits of the Auditions Today approach stood out.

Looking forward for additional opportunities. The search is now arranging scouts in New York to see my children. Such opportunities would never have been possible without this event! I found the personnel to be most professional and sincere in their desires to assist. I appreciated the straightforward approach that did not promise us results but showed what has happened to past participants. Now my children are amongst their successes!


Sharon G (grandmother)
Sharon Yvonne (participant)

My granddaughter has participated in the search for the past two years. Sharon has received print opportunities after attending each search and has been compensated nicely and she is only three years old! It has been a fun and rewarding experience for her. She has another print opportunity waiting for her.


Maya G. Kruger (mother)
Sydney and Sara Bryan (participants)
Las Vegas, Nevada

After attending the search, my daughters Sydney and Sara Bryan had the opportunity to sign with a major Hollywood agency. They were then cast in the major movie release Old School starring Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson. This would never have been possible without Auditions Today.

They have gone on to do numerous commercials, music videos and print work, including the cover of "Las Vegas Life Magazine", LOWES, and Disney to name a few. I have found the search and their services to be extremely beneficial and a great cost saver.

Thank you Auditions Today.

Sincere Thanks,
Maya G. Kruger


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Brian Lea (father)
Trévian Lea (participant)
Greeensboro, North Carolina

Hello, my name is Brian Lea, of Greensboro, North Carolina, and I’m an Industry Dad.

My son Trévian was a participant in the model and talent search, which was held in Pittsburgh, PA back in 2006. Let me start by stating that “this organization is the real deal”! If it had not been for Auditions, it would have been impossible to get his career started on my own. Since Tré was a small child, I knew he had a gift of great talent.

Unfortunately, I had no clue on how to get him exposed. Thankfully this model and talent search came to my area, and we attended the seminar. There we met with representatives who were very informative and honest about how getting into the entertainment business goes. We learned that exposure was the key factor. You can have all the talent in the world, but without being seen by agents, you are much less likely to succeed. The representatives explained that not all of the attendants of the seminar would be selected to advance to the next level.

I recommend this organization to anyone that is serious about beginning a career in the entertainment industry. Because of the exposure my son received in Pittsburgh, he has gone onto do multiple print ads for Belk Stores, Lowe’s, Bank of America, CWD Kids, Hanes, Jo-Ann Fabric, Sealy Mattress, Adidas Kids, VF Wrangler, Rooms to Go, Family Dollar, plus many more. Commercials for General Mills, Carpets by Direct, Colonial Williamsburg, V8 Juice, Progress Energy and Busch Gardens. Tré also appeared in “The Smurf’s Movie” of 2011 and has had countless auditions for major film productions. He continues to work within the industry, and still maintains the typical lifestyle of an eleven year old. I am willing to speak with anyone who wants to know any information about the starting process.

Thanks Auditions!


Brandi Alvarez (mother)
Laila Katou (participant)
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

My daughter and I attended the search in the first weekend of June. At the search we received five callbacks from agents. After meeting with the five agents in person (something I could have never done on our own) I scheduled appointments with them to meet at their agencies.

I returned home from the Talent Search on June 3rd and Laila was signed with our first agent. We signed with her second agent, Marilyn's in Greensboro, NC on June 7th. Within a week of returning from Pittsburgh my daughter was already signed with two agents whom we met at the search.

Laila's first job on July 23rd was a print-ad for CWD Kids (Children's Wear Digest.) She did so well on this job that the casting company used her double time for this shoot. A producer requested her for another job, as well as my husband and myself. The three of us went to audition for the part and all three of us booked the job, a print-ad and on-line advertisement for the United States Army that was shot on August 14th and 15th. At the photo shoot the producer also used my entire family for another print-ad.

The success started with my daughter and is now consuming my whole family. We are currently waiting to hear back from Chevrolet, for an international commercial and Harris Teeter for a commercial and print-ads. If we book these jobs my entire family will be used for the shoots.

The only thing I can say to Auditions Today is thanks. You have my appreciation, my acknowledgment and I give you all of the credit for our success.


Charlotte Davis (mother)
Tyler Davis (participant)
Kannapolis, North Carolina

I wanted to personally thank you for the exceptional service that you provided my son Tyler Lee Davis at the very first search that we attended in Pittsburgh in June of 1998. Though Tyler was only 2 the memories and friends that he made that day will last a life time.

Not only did Tyler have a lot of fun, but I also did. Your staff was so helpful and professional. The scouting team that you brought in to view our children was amazing and they were very high profile people. Now that Tyler has been actively working for years he has signed with numerous agents that we've met at the search. I see how important that those people were to all of the children in attendance to the search.

As a result of the search, not only has Tyler been able to sign with top notch agents, but he has also been involved with major productions.

Tyler has done a lot since he started: 2 movies (Juwanna Mann & Throw Down), 15 commercials - 6 of those are Nationals and 2 were hit commercials and they went on to the International level (Sea World & Mercedes Benz), 8 music videos (Bobby Seals & Kentucky Headhunters), 4 television shows - 1 was the Nationally recognized ABC soap opera General Hospital. Numerous print ads. He has been featured on billboards, buses, doctors pamphlets, internet ads, tourists brochures, Healthtex Children's Clothing ads and more.

Tyler has been really close to booking Major works such as: Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Big Fish, Cheaper By The Dozen, The Polar Express, Cabin Fever, and had the opportunity for many National commercials.

We are so grateful that we heard your advertisements for auditions which Tyler was found marketable and that we were able to take him to the search. Without the search we would not have been able to do this on our own. I was very limited on time and funds then. It was impossible to try to see as many people as I did that one day. I know that I would not have been able to travel to all the places to see the scouts that was in attendance that day. With out that search, I know deep in my heart that Tyler would not be where he is today.

So We say THANK YOU Auditions Today, for the service that you provided that day back in 1998 and have continued to provide all these years. The updates, coaching and all the needed things that have come into play along Tyler's career is greatly appreciated.

To Tyler and myself, you are more than just acquaintances you are friends, and most definitely Family. We hope that you will be able to provide this service to many years to come and to help other families like me make their dreams come to reality.

Charlotte & Tyler Lee Davis


Terri Barton (mother)
Peter, Mark, & Kevin Barton (participant)
Loudon, New Hampshire

I am writing to let you know about the success that the triplets had while at the search held in Pittsburgh July 2005. They had been called by three different companies for immediate opportunities.

We have signed with a well-known manager in New York City and have been on two auditions. We look forward to being called for more, and hope to be on a commercial (or possibily a soap opera) in the near future. The triplets have also appeared in a national Christmas Commercial for K-Mart!

Best regard,
Terri Barton


Christy Gustafson (mother)
Maeve Gustafson (participant)
Burlington, Vermont

After my daughter Maeve participated in the search she signed with a Hollywood agent that was present at the search. Numerous positive circumstances have since taken place.

She had a callback for a target commercial audition that one of the scouts provided. She will be appearing in several pilots that should air on NBC in September. We have had great experiences from our association with Auditions Today. Thank you.


The Day Family
Terese Day (participant)
Tucson, Arizona

After Attending the search Terese received a Call Back from one of the attending agents. A s a result she's done print work for Dillard's, Auton Choir Robes Catalog, Mura Photography and JR Productions, just to name a few. She did a commercial for Magic Bill & Friend. The filming was alot of fun and the talent got to interact with the magician and his illusions. The search was a great way for Terese to enter the business, obtain representation from respected agencies and to be brought to the attention of casting directors and producers.


Lisa Desjardins (mother)
Joshua (participant)
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

I would like to say how pleased we were to have been associated with Auditions Today. My son Joshua has had numerous exciting opportunities open up for him as a result of participating in this event. He has offers at this time to go to Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas and many other places.

The exposure and contacts he received would not have been possible without the search. Our area does not offer much work in this field. The event greatly exceeded our expectations. Thank you for making this all possible.


Rene Moore (mother)
Briana Moore (participant)
Plano, Texas

I would like to take this opportunity to say "THANK YOU" for inviting my daughter Briana to participate in the search. During the search she had a "callback" and an immediate opportunity for print work while we were in California! Because of the search she now has an agent and has been doing steady print work ever since. The search is directly responsible for opening many doors for Brianna with companies such as Dillard's, AAFES, Family Dollar and soon with J.C. Pennys. We are amazed and excited to see how fast her opportunities are growing and how fun it is to see her prosper. She is learning so much about the business and enjoys all of it! She has been doing steady print assignments for companies like Dillard's, AAFES, Family Dollar and J.C. Penny's.

If anyone has doubts or second thoughts about allowing their child to attend the search, I encourage you to do yourself a favor, take the chance and go. After all, you never know what may happen unless you try. We did, and we do not regret it. It has been a blessing.

Click on the thumbnails below to view photos Briana appeared in for AAFES and Family Dollar.


Jamie Miller (mother)
Miller Harwell (participant)
South Carolina

After attending the search my son Miller Harwell developed a working relationship with a major agency.

He was recently selected for and performed in a lucrative print job for which he was well compensated. The shoot was done for SCANA Corporation; a $7.4 billion energy based holding company, whose market leading businesses generate and distribute electricity to more than 537,000 South Carolina households and businesses. SCANA businesses also deliver natural gas to nearly 1.1 million customers in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.

Miller got some great experience and had a good time at the shoot. The photos of Miller and his "family" will be displayed on SCANA's official website. We find this to be very exciting and are hopeful that Miller will be receiving additional work in the near future.


Renee McWilliams (mother)
Gracie Coon (participant)
Omaha, Nebraska

We would like to offer our sincerest thanks for the role that you played in getting Gracie where she is today. We first attended an open call in Omaha, Nebraska. Since that time she has participated in the talent search twice. Gracie was scouted early in the callback process by two firms based in L.A. That was great, except the fact that we're from Nebraska and L.A. is a long way to travel for bookings. Even relocating for the summer was was cause for concern since our entire family wouldn't be able to come with us. You scrutinized who was considering her and offered to make contact phone calls to comparable agencies in the Chicago area for us and possibly open a door. Your doing so resulted in Gracie being represented today by two agencies for some very exciting opportunities. Gracie has been booked by American Girl for their upcoming holiday catalog, her other opportunity is for Scott Foresman Co. for academic textbooks that will be distributed nationwide. To date two additional agencies in Chicago are looking to book her as well.

We met numerous members of your staff during the open call process and L.A. Searches, ALL have treated us kindly and with respect on every occasion. We never had to listen to voicemail when calling the office and never have I called and not had the call returned. You owed us nothing after the search, but yet you take what you do seriously enough to put yourself into it for the success of others. That is rare and wonderful. We share our story eagerly and are blessed to have met you and your staff. We wish you nothing but the best in years to come.

Most Respectfully,
Renee McWilliams


Gregg Turner (father)
Greyson Turner (participant)
Greenville, South Carolina

Greyson attended his first search when he was 4 years old at the time. During the event we were introduced to a talent scout from our area. Through a South Carolina Agent, we were introduced to and signed with an agency in Los Angeles.

Greyson spent time in L.A. where he was cast for a commercial and a part in an independent film. He appeared in a Nickelodeon commercial and has completed shooting a short film where he played the lead role.

One of the most amazing things about the experience is seeing his confidence grow and social skills develop. It seems funny that we traveled to Pittsburgh to meet a talent scout in our home state, but without Auditions Today we would have never met them or had these opportunities and memories.


Mrs. Huff (mother)
George Huff (participant)
Austel, Georgia

My son, George Huff had been given an opportunity to do a show for Nickelodeon. It's supposed to be a spinoff of "Dora the Explorer."

I want to thank the Auditions Today staff for the opportunity George was given from the search. George was selected by an agency, then came the opportunity for Nickelodeon.

I as a parent have really come to appreciate the exposure my son has received from the search.


The LeBlanc Family
Megan, Mallory and Lucas (participants)
St. Louis, Missouri

Our Family attended the Los Angeles search. We were very satisfied with the experience and feel we received exposure just as promised. We received a print opportunity for our son Lucas who was 2 years old at the time. In fact all three of our children: Megan 6, Mallory 4 and Lucas now 3 have been adequately compensated for print work within the last year as a result of their exposure from the Los Angeles search.

The photographers we have worked with this year have all been professional and very "kid friendly".

We now live in the St. Louis, MO area and we look forward to returning this November for the search. Of course we are always hopeful for that golden opportunity of a lifetime, but for our family we believe this is a positive experience that can only boost our children's confidence for presenting themselves in front of others for the future.

We appreciate all that the Auditions Today has done for us so far and look forward to working with this great organization in the future.


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